Wish You Were Here

“Can you free yourself enough to be able to experience the reality of life?
As it goes on before you and with you and as you go on as part of it.
Or not, because if you can’t, you stand on square one until you die.

I know that may sound like bullshit, but that’s what the song is about.
All the songs are encouraging me. I guess I write them for me.
And it’s to encourage myself not to accept a lead role in a cage.
But to go on demanding of myself that
I keep auditioning for the walk-on part in the war,
cause that’s where I wanna be. I wanna be in the trenches.
I don’t wanna be at headquarters or I don’t wanna be sitting in a hotel somewhere.
I wanna be engaged.”

Roger Waters said in <The Story of Wish You Were Here>